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The E-Newsletter of Saint Paul UMC of Lumpkin County

July 12, 2017

Greetings Saint Paul Friends and Family:  

Some weeks it can be hard.   This is one of those for me.    It is in those times that it seems like so much is happening that despite the storm around me I can still hear Jesus voice.   Maybe you have experienced it too.   I lost a good friend yesterday and have a number of family issues transpiring yet I hear Jesus say, "I am with you!"   Sometimes those are the best words to hear!    

We have a little over 2 weeks to gather supplies for Back to School Blessing.    Please help if you can!    

Listening in the storm another way YOU can  LIVE, LEARN and
LOVE at Saint Paul!   

LIVE in Christian Community
LEARN more about Jesus
LOVE others as Christ Loved.   

This week in worship we continue our summer series "From the Gospels"   this week the Gospel is Matthew and the message is "Sowing Seed!"    The text comes from Matthew 13!   Simple Worship & Sunday School at 9:45 AM,  Fellowship Time at 10:30 AM and Traditional Worship at 11 AM!  Bring a friend and come to church.

In Christ,

Pastor David <><