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The E-Newsletter of Saint Paul UMC of Lumpkin County

January 18, 2018

Greetings Saint Paul Friends and Family:

So it's a Cold Snowy Wednesday in North Georgia but we will have Spring Temps by Saturday.   I guess that is Georgia Weather!   Please remember we have canceled Wednesday Programs this week!    

I hope that you have been praying as I challenged you in the State of the Church Meeting!   Thanks to everyone who has let us know where you feel lead to serve!   We are growing and we need everyone who calls us home and we have to keep inviting others to come join us!   We are in a good financial state but we want to remain focused of our budget.   We need $ 1506.00 per week to meet the budget.   We have a $ 20000.00 balance on the Parking Lot so please maintain your commitment to our Building Fund.   We want to form a Vision Task Force to help us plan for the future of the church.   If you would be willing please see Tracie Sertain our Lay Leader or Steve Taylor our Council Chair!  Pray for Pastor David for his health and vision for our ministry.   Pray about where you can help, Hospitality (Fellowship Time & Simple Supper), Small Group can you head a group, Childrens Church other things like Communion Stewards, Counters for Finance.   We really need everyone to help! 

Inviting friends and serving more ways YOU can  LIVE, LEARN and LOVE at Saint Paul!   

LIVE in Christian Community
LEARN more about Jesus
LOVE others as Christ Loved.   

I am really excited to welcome Rev. Dr. Winston Worrell to Saint Paul!   I believe you will enjoy him leading worship but be ready,  he will challenge you!   Winston is our Conference Evangelist and lead the World Methodist Evangelism Institute for many years!    Friends we need to be ready to share Who Jesus is!   
So who will you invite to church?   One service this Sunday at 10:30 AM!  Bring a friend and come to church!

Love In Christ,

Pastor David <><