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September 06, 2017

Greetings Saint Paul Friends and Family:

I hope that our series "What's Your Story?" is causing you to think and spend some time considering how you might tell YOUR Story!   There are so many people who need to know that God is real and active today!   I hope that you will pray and think about "YOUR" story!   There is someone that you may meet that needs to hear it so I hope you are preparing yourself.   I shared some questions at the end of last week that might help you:
  • What in your story should you share?
  • What are the important things about God that need to be shared?
  • What might others relate to in your story?
Think about it.    If you follow Jesus then people need to know how you encountered God.   Two People have indicated they would like to share their story!   Remember it does not have to be the whole thing focus on Jesus / God! 

The Saint Paul heart has become Missions!   There are so many great stories and testamonies that come from The Saint Paul Clothes Closet and Pantry.   We have 2 other opportunities where you can help:  Sleepers in September - We are partnering with Newborns in Need to gather sleepers for newborns who may have nothing to come home in.  Bring one or several and place them in the box on the Altar.  Flood Buckets - We are partnering with UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) and other churches in the Gainesville District.   We have 30 Buckets but need the supplies for them.  
Each bucket needs: 

1. Liquid Landry detergent. One 50 oz. or two 25 oz. only 
2. Liquid household cleaner. 12-16 oz. liquid cleaner that can be mixed with water. No spray cleaners
3. Dish soap. 16-28 oz bottle
4. Can of aerosol or pump air freshener 
5. Insect repellent-6-14 oz. spray or aerosol 
6. 1 scrub brush with plastic or wood handle 
7. 18 cleaning wipes or reusable wipes. No terry cleaning towels. remove from packaging 
8. 7 sponges-no cellulose due to mold issues. Remove from wrapper
9. 5 scouring pads-remove from wrapper. No stainless steel, Brillo, SOS (nothing with soap in it)
10. 50 clothespins
11. Clothesline-one 100 ft or two 50 ft lines. Cotton or plastic 
12. 24-roll heavy duty trash bags 33-45 gal size. Remove from box
13. 5 dust masks
14. Kitchen washing gloves-2 pair durable. Remove from packaging.
15. One pair work gloves. Cotton with leather palm or all leather.

The deadline for our truck is September 14, 2017.  Please help if you can!  Thanks to Patti Parris for helping lead this effort!

Helping in mission and Sharing your Story more ways YOU can  LIVE, LEARN and
LOVE at Saint Paul!   

LIVE in Christian Community
LEARN more about Jesus
LOVE others as Christ Loved.   

This week we will consider "Philip" When God says GO do you?   It can be a Divine Appointment!  Our text is Acts 8:26-39  Modern Worship & Sunday School at 9:45 AM,  Fellowship Time at 10:30 AM and Traditional Worship at 11 AM!   Who will you invite to "Your" Church?

In Christ,

Pastor David <><